Real clowns hate the new trailer for Stephen King's IT

Last week the trailer for STEPHEN KING'S IT about broke the whole damn internet with its scary shite. The trailer broke the new FAST & FURIOUS movie's record of most trailer views in a day with 197 million views, to 8 FAST 8 FURIOUS's haul of 138 million.

But what do real-life clowns think of the trailer?

Turns out they hate it more than every exec who turned down the film over the years. Yeah, it's that bad. The clowns say the new film will "inspire yet another wave of anti-clown paranoia in our country, and can only harm the already-drooping clowning industry." No. Sh*t.

Guilford Adams, a damn 42-year-old adult man, who has performed as “Gilly” for 20 years says:

It’s gonna be bad for clowns.” 

33-year-old Nick Kane  (Clown name: “Mr. Nick.”) adds:

It’s ruining our business."

Roger Fojas, a 48-year-old clown whose characters include “Ringmaster Roger”, “Humpy Pumpy,” and "Nightmare the Bed-Wetting Clown" (I made up that last name) worries:

IT will make kids so terrified of clowns that their parents will stop booking clowns for birthday parties."

But listen to this: supposedly the hatred of clowns is now so intense that Fojas likens it to racism. 

I wouldn’t say it’s racist, per se, but it creates that kind of visceral reaction.”

You're right. It's not like racism. At all, clown.

The clown named Kane continues:

We just experienced a nice break from the scary clown meme from last October. And just when things are starting to normalize, the IT trailer comes and it’s like, ‘Here we go again.’”

Here we go again. As if clowns weren't born from the depths of hell as evil beings that-- okay, sorry, I'll stop. It's just that my feelings toward clowns are, give or take, the same shared by the ENTIRE population of Earth (other than clowns and the mothers of clowns). I think clowns are scary as three kinds of hell, and something to be feared like the reaper.

But maybe that just me...

Extra Tidbit: "Can't sleep clown will eat me. Can't sleep clown will eat me."
Source: Mel Magazine



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