Remake of Don't Breathe has been released in India

Sherbahadur Raj Rajbanshi Karma Shakya Rabindra Jha Menuka Pradhan

About fifteen months ago, we shared the news that a remake of the Fede Alvarez-directed, Sam Raimi-produced home invasion horror film DON'T BREATHE was going to be made in India. Jump ahead to the present, and that remake has now been in theatres for a little over three weeks. Although audiences in India have had their chance to see the full film for a while now, the trailer for the remake is still worth seeing for those of us who don't have the option of seeing the movie in the theatre. That trailer can be seen below.

The remake is called SHERBAHADUR. Directed by Raj Rajbanshi from a script by Pramod Chhetri (based on the DON'T BREATHE script by Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues), it has a familiar synopsis: 

Three people rob the houses of rich people when the owners are out of town. They then find out about Sherbahadur, a rich ex-army man and plan to rob his house.

Menuka Pradhan, Rabindra Jha, and Karma Shakya play the trio who make the unwise decision to break into the former military man's house (and, although that synopsis doesn't mention it, the character is blind, as he was in DON'T BREATHE). Sunil Thapa takes on the role of the Blind Man who has some dark, violent secrets.

Judging by the trailer, SHERBAHADUR sticks quite closely to the source material, but with some dancing added in. The film was released in India on February 2, 2018, which was Magh 19, 2074 on the Nepali calendar.

I'm hoping it will be released in other territories soon, because I really want to check it out.

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