RIP Charlie Murphy: Did you know he wrote the story for Vampire in Brooklyn?

R.I.P. Charlie Murphy Passes Away at 57

I have some very sad news to share with you guys today. Looks like comedian Charlie Murphy has passed away at the age of 57. According to Variety, Murphy lost his battle with leukemia. So f*cking sad.

Charlie Murphy is probably best known as the older brother of comedian Eddie Murphy, and as the constant scene-stealer in some of the very best sketches of Comedy Central's CHAPPELLE'S SHOW. 

But what you might not remember off the bat concerning Charlie Murphy is that he co-starred in the horror flick UNEARTHED (one of 2007's 8 Films to Die For), and most importantly, he wrote the story for his brother Eddie Murphy's 1995 Wes Craven collaboration VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN.

Charlie Murphy will be sorely missed by all as his "Real Hollywood Stories" on Chappelle Show (yes, most especially Rick James) will be remembered for all time. That said, I still think it's very cool to know that he had a hand in writing VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN.

While not a great film, it obviously shows a love for the horror genre, and I can only lament the fact that we never got to see Charlie Murphy return to penning scripts within our beloved genre.

R.I.P. Charlie Murphy.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Charlie Murphy role?
Source: Variety



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