Robert Eggers won't make The Witch 2

THE WITCH is dividing horror fans as fiercely as any major genre release I can think of in recent years. Some, like myself, found it to be truly unnerving and disturbing. Others just don't see what the fuss is about, and in the most extreme cases, folks are downright loathing it. (The Arrow is somewhere in the middle, giving it a 7/10 but admitting he didn't think it was scary.) I maintain that it creeped me out in a big way and I can't wait to sit with it again and again. And even if it didn't have that effect on me, I cannot fathom hating it as much as some genre fans do. Is it just because it was overhyped, or do they genuinely think it's a terrible movie? I can only presume the debate on this one will rage on for years to come.

Something the lovers and haters of THE WITCH can probably agree on? It doesn't need a sequel (really, where else is there to go with it?). And, thankfully, we won't be getting one. Director Robert Eggers said as much during a recent interview with EW, telling the site:

I think I’m stealing the words from another director I cannot place, but if I wanted to know what happens after the last shot of the film, I would have made a longer movie.” 

Well said. Eggers currently has a full dance card anyhow: He's working on a Rasputin miniseries, a potential remake of NOSFERATU, and a medieval epic called THE KNIGHT. Whatever he chooses first, there will be plenty of eyes on Eggers as he delves into his sophomore feature.

Our interview with Eggers and THE WITCH's Anya Taylor-Joy

Extra Tidbit: Did you love or hate THE WITCH? If neither, how did you feel about it?
Source: EW



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