Robert Zemeckis teams with History for UFO series Blue Book

Grey aliens flying saucer

When I was a child, television commercials for the Time Life book series Mysteries of the Unknown would scare the hell out of me. They went on about various things like psychic powers and mystic places, but what got to me were the mentions of UFO sightings. I was terrified that some night I was going to look outside and see the Grey aliens disembarking from a flying saucer.

Young Cody would not be enthusiastic that History will be airing a 10 episode UFO drama called Blue Book. Those Time Life commercials scared me enough in just a couple minutes, how would I be able to handle 10 whole episodes devoted to UFOs?

History is teaming up with A+E Studios and Compari Entertainment, which is a division of Robert Zemeckis' company ImageMovers, for the series. Created by David O'Leary, 

Blue Book chronicles the true top secret U.S. Air Force-sponsored investigations into UFO-related phenomena in the 1950s and ’60s, known as “Project Blue Book.” The series follows Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a brilliant college professor recruited by the U.S. Air Force to spearhead this clandestine operation that researched thousands of cases, many of which were never solved. Each episode will draw from the actual files, blending UFO theories with authentic historical events from one of the most mysterious eras in United States history.

Zemeckis describes Blue Book as "a perfect fusion of historical fact and extraordinary entertainment", and it does sound like it could be quite interesting. If this sort of thing doesn't freak you out too much.

Extra Tidbit: Are you interested in UFO stories?
Source: Deadline



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