Ron Howard offers a small but promising update on The Dark Tower

The last update we got on the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's epic THE DARK TOWER came way back in November. That's nearly four months ago people... Has it really been that long?

Unfortunately it has. But luckily today we've got a small, yet somewhat promising update on the long-awaited project. You see a fan recently took to Twitter to ask filmmaker Ron Howard if he was still planning on directing this epic saga. Howard responded with the following:

β€œ@RealRonHoward please answer me do you direct THE DARK TOWER?” I hope and plan to. Love it”

So it looks like this thing is still in the cards! The only problem is we're unaware if Howard is talking about the proposed trilogy or the HBO series... Hey any DARK TOWER is better than nothing, right? And as long as Howard is still involved I'll give it a shot!

You can bet we'll be on the lookout for any sort of update on this long-awaited adaptation and as soon as that shite comes our way we'll pass it right along to all of you.

Extra Tidbit: Ron Howard's next film is the Formula 1 biography RUSH, which stars Olivia Wilde (above).
Source: FansShare



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