Rosemary's Baby miniseries sets writers and director

We heard the rumor of a miniseries version of Ira Levin's ROSEMARY'S BABY back in July, but only the strongest of us could believe it. But it is rumor no more - it is fact. This baby is being delivered.

NBC has given a green light to a four-hour ROSEMARY'S BABY miniseries, which will air next year, according to The Wrap. Scott Abbott (QUEEN OF THE DAMNED) and James Wong (FINAL DESTINATION, "American Horror Story”) will write the new adaptation. Acclaimed Polish director Agnieszka Holland of both TV ("The Killing", "Treme") and film (EUROPA, EUROPA) will helm.

This version of the story will revolve around a young married couple who move into a Paris apartment that has a haunted past. After getting pregnant, the wife becomes increasingly suspicious that both her husband and their neighbors will have ulterior motives when her child is born.

Casting, which of course will be utterly crucial, is set to begin in January in Paris. Lionsgate Television is producing.

"Ira Levin’s mesmerizing book was a groundbreaking reflection on how effective and influential a psychological thriller could be," said Quinn Taylor, executive vp, movies, miniseries and international co-productions at NBC. “We’re looking forward to adapting his incredible work and bringing those indelible characters to a new generation of viewers.”

Extra Tidbit: I'm not very excited… but I'll probably tune in all the same. What's your stance?
Source: The Wrap



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