Ryan Phillippe will star in and direct torture-thriller Shreveport

But what I really want to do is direct...

It's the famous mantra for pretty much every actor, and for Ryan Phillippe, the time has come to get behind the camera. According to Variety, Phillippe will direct - and star in - SHREVEPORT, a thriller the CRASH star also co-wrote. Who knew he was so multi-talented? (I suppose that remains to be seen, though.)

Phillippe will play a fading movie star who is suddenly kidnapped, held hostage and tortured while filming a low-budget film in the Louisiana city.

Maybe it's based on a true story we haven't heard about yet?

The film will be produced by Mark Burg of Twisted Pictures, the company behind the SAW franchise. Filming on SHREVEPORT goes down this summer in, you guessed it, Louisiana.

Extra Tidbit: For horror fans, Phillippe will of course always be remembered for his role as the douchebag Barry opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt (pictured above) in I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER.
Source: Variety



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