Sales art: Michael Madsen creates the Cobragator for Wynorski and Corman

CobraGator Jim Wynorski

Sales art has arrived online for New Horizons Pictures' COBRAGATOR, an animal hybrid creature feature from legendary executive producer Roger Corman and the also legendary director Jim Wynorski.

Starring Michael Madsen, Paul Logan, Jesse Bernstein, Grace West, Aaron Groben, Lauren Parkinson, Savannah Goldsmith, and Bryan Clark, COBRAGATOR was written by Blake Miller and has the following synopsis: 

A crazed genetic engineer (Madsen) from deep within the bayou creates a nightmarish offshoot of a giant snake and fearsome alligator… the CobraGator. And it’s not long before this giant, man-eating creature escapes into the swamp and begins terrorizing anything and anybody in its deadly path.

You can see a longer synopsis on one of the images below.

There have been a lot of movies like this in recent years - SHARKTOPUS, PIRANHACONDA, SHARKTOPUS sequels featuring a Pteracuda and a Whalewolf, etc. - and I don't tend to enjoy them very much, but I always feel drawn to them for some reason. 

With Corman behind the scenes, Wynorski at the helm, and Madsen as a mad scientist, COBRAGATOR is definitely one I can't miss.

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of hybrid creature features?



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