Sarah Dumont and Tom Ainsley star in Amanda Evans' Serpent

Serpent Sarah Dumont Tom Ainsley Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans has made her feature writing and directorial debut with a project that I find both highly intriguing and a bit puzzling. It's called SERPENT, and the international distribution rights are being presented to potential buyers at the current American Film Market.

SERPENT is described as being in the style of BURIED and OPEN WATER. The story takes place

during a romantic getaway as a couple find themselves trapped in their tent with a venomous snake.

As it becomes clear there may be no escape and the situation sparks a heated exchange, the lovers realise only one of them can make it out alive.

While the idea of watching a movie about a couple being trapped in a tent by a snake instantly appeals to me, I also can't quite wrap my head around why getting past the snake would be such a long ordeal. Long enough to sustain a feature film. It has been said that the snake in question is a Black Mamba, and if this were Uma Thurman's Black Mamba character from KILL BILL keeping the couple captive I would better understand why the tent is so hard to escape. Why they can't get past a snake, I don't know, but I look forward to seeing how Evans presents the situation and what obstacles she puts in the way.

SERPENT was produced by Evans, Anant Singh, and Greig Buckle. Sudhir Pragjee, Sanjeev Singh, Robert Naidoo, Brian Cox, and Dugald MacDonald served as executive producers.

The film stars Sarah Dumont, who genre fans may know from SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, and Tom Ainsley. Dumont and Ainsley have both appeared on the TV show The Royals.

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