Saw director Kevin Greutert next tackling supernatural romp Jessabellem

So what is director Kevin Greutert up to? We haven't heard much from the director since he was forced to helm SAW 3D: THE FINAL CHAPTER. But that all changes today!

You see the guys over at Bloody-Disgusting just got word that Blumhouse and Lionsgate have just tapped Greutert (above left) for their upcoming supernatural romp JESSABELLEM. Penned by "Reno 911's" Robert Ben Garant and produced by Jason Blum, the rundown for JESSABELLEM reads:

The project is "about a girl who is forced to return to her father's home in Louisiana when a car accident leaves her without the use of both her legs. What she finds there is a mystery surrounding her own birth and an angry ghost (named Jessabellem) that seems determined to destroy her."

Sounds good to me! Shooting for this shindig is set to kick off next month so be sure to keep it here for any other updates that might roll our way.

Extra Tidbit: Kevin Greutert's only two feature credits are SAW VI and SAW 3D: THE FINAL CHAPTER, the latter of which starred Gina Holden (above).



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