Scream Factory to release obscure killer rats flick Deadly Eyes

The Scream Factory is at it again!

We've always maintained that Scream Factory is awesome and they continue to prove it time and time again with new surprise announcements. Last week it was the ultra-cool news that they would be bringing us collector's editions of the werewolf faves DOG SOLDIERS and GINGER SNAPS, and now we have word that the obscure killer rats flick DEADLY EYES will be coming our way next summer from Scream Factory.

Directed by Robert Clouse (ENTER THE DRAGON) and based on the novel "The Rats" by James Herbert, this slice of Canuxsploitation starred Scatman Crothers (THE SHINING) and Canadian scream queens Lesleh Donaldson (CURTAINS) and Lisa Langlois (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME). Never before released on DVD or Blu-ray, DEADLY EYES will be heading our way next summer with Scream Factory sharing that more details on the release will be coming this spring!

Here's the synopsis:

Corn grain contaminated with steroids produces large rats the size of small dogs who begin feeding on the residents of Toronto. Paul, a college basketball coach, teams up with Kelly, a local health inspector, to uncover the source of the mysterious rat attacks; and they eventually try to prevent the opening of a new subway line as well as find the mutant rats' nest quickly, or there will be a huge massacre of the entire city!

Extra Tidbit: Have you ever seen DEADLY EYES? Are you excited for this release from Scream Factory?



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