Scream TV series to reenact famous Drew Barrymore scene with Bella Thorne?

Here's a bombshell! You remember the opening of SCREAM, yes? What horror fan doesn't. Well, it would appear as though MTV's "Scream" series - thought to be an entirely new take on the Ghostface franchise - will be featuring a version of it in its very first episode.

The news comes covertly via a Yahoo Celebrity chat with young Disney-groomed starlet Bella Thorne. On the site's official Facebook page, Thorne took part in a Q+A with her fans, one of which evidently had the scoop that Thorne was set to make an appearance in "Scream."

The question: "Bella it's true that you will appear on the first episode of scream TV series in 2015?" The answer:

yes it is true. i will re-enact the famous scene of drew barrymore in the original series.

Just what that means, exactly, remains to be seen. Is she literally reenacting the Barrymore scene, STAB-style? Is it a complete remake of that infamous sequence? Or is it just a case where we have a famous (to the kiddies, anyway) actress being offed in gruesome fashion during the opening minutes?

You had to know the series would open with a murder, and MTV is shrewd enough to know it'd be wise to put a "name" in there for the big moment. Looks like it's Miss Thorne getting the axe.

Extra Tidbit: Assuming this is true, what are your initial thoughts on the news?
Source: Yahoo Celebrity



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