Severin Films to release original Patrick on Blu-ray

Three ‘Ozploitation’ horrors, PATRICK, DEAD KIDS and THIRST, will have their Blu-ray debut from Severin Films on March 11th. PATRICK of course has been remade recently, with a theatrical and VOD release on March 14th planned.


A comatose killer is seemingly unresponsive in a small private hospital. But when a hot new nurse begins to question his condition, Patrick will unleash a waking nightmare of psychokinetic carnage.

PATRICK will come loaded with Extras including a recently discovered vintage interview with director Richard Franklin & the never before available in America Italian track with soundtrack by Goblin (SUSPIRIA, DAWN OF THE DEAD). Pre-order right HERE.


Michael Murphy (MANHATTAN), Dan Shor (WISE BLOOD) and Academy Award® winner Louise Fletcher (ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST) star in this grisly saga of bizarre experiments, butchered teens, New Zealand doubling for suburban Illinois, and a killer in a Tor Johnson mask.

This cult favorite – released in America as STRANGE BEHAVIOR – features a hypnotic score by Tangerine Dream, co-written by the Oscar-winning writer of CHICAGO, directed by the producer of TWO LANE BLACKTOP, now loaded with Extras and transferred in HD from the original negative for the first time ever. Pre-order right HERE.

And in THIRST…

David Hemmings (BLOW-UP, DEEP RED) and Henry Silva (THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE) star as executives of an international blood-drinking cartel known as ‘The Brotherhood’. But when they abduct a descendant of Elizabeth Bathory to reboot her depraved legacy, she must escape before the corporation can expand their human ‘blood cow’ dairies and create a vampire master race.

THIRST has been transferred in HD from the original negative for the first time ever anywhere. Pre-order right HERE.

I've personally never seen any of these obscure flicks, so this is awesome news. THIRST in particular sounds insane!



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