Sony announces Morbius the Living Vampire film!

Sony has big plans for their SPIDER-MAN spin-offs as there is already the Tom Hardy VENOM movie in the works. But today we received news that the Spidey-universe is growing bigger by the day.

This time Morbius the Living Vampire is getting his own feature film to be written by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama (DRACULA UNTOLD and THE LAST WITCH HUNTER).

The new film will be called MORBIUS (natch) and follow the tale of Dr. Michael Morbius. For those unfamiliar (like me) you can find his full character rundown below. And he sounds badass. Bring it.

Currently, there is no word on if this film will tie into the MCU's SPIDER-MAN films and/or Tom Hardy's VENOM. But we'll let you know as soon as we hear more. Until then make sure to let us know in the comments below or on social media!

Morbius the Living Vampire rundown:

Dr. Michael Morbius is a scientist who suffered from a rare blood disease and attempted to cure himself to disastrous results. He instead became afflicted with a condition that was a form of vampirism — the thirst for blood, along with fangs and super strength — and fought Spider-Man. Over time, however, he became a slightly heroic figure in his own right.

VENOM starring Tom Hardy hits theaters Oct. 5, 2018.

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Source: THR



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