Spoilers: The Mummy has an awesome The Mummy (1999) easter egg

I don't know about this upcoming THE MUMMY starring Tom Cruise.

Truth be told I was a bit off-put by the movie once it was announced that Tom Cruise was going to be headlining the flick. Now, let me just say right here and now, I have nothing against Cruise. I couldn't care less about all of his less-than-favorable antics and/or which church he does or doesn't go to.

I couldn't care less, I say.

The reason Cruise's presence left me all 'meh' was because a franchise like THE MUMMY doesn't need an A-list star to boast itself. The presence of Cruise seemed to say that Universal was more interested in making a Tom Cruise movie than a Mummy movie. Or, if nothing else, Universal didn't have the confidence in the property. 

Same with all of their planned Dark Universe flicks.

All ranting and raving aside (for now) one cool thing I've just heard about the new THE MUMMY flick is that it carries within it an easter egg for Stephen Sommers' THE MUMMY (1999)!

Again, I'm none too excited about the upcoming THE MUMMY but I have a lot of love for 1999's THE MUMMY. Sure it's not mind-blowing, but the film is ten types of fun and knows how to have a good time in the gothic/classic horror playground. Rewatch it if you don't believe me or remember.

Inverse has seen the new MUMMY (as has our own Eric Walkuski, read his review HERE) and they have shared a cool easter egg that keen-eyed viewers may catch this coming weekend at the local theater. I'm not going to go into the rundown here because, even though the post is labeled SPOILERS, so assh*le will still be mad.

You can read Inverse's rundown on THE MUMMY easter egg below and then let us know what you think of THE MUMMY (1999) or THE MUMMY (2017) on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

Inverse rundown on THE MUMMY's THE MUMMY easter egg:

At one point in the film, stars Tom Cruise (Nick Morton) and Annabelle Wallis (Jenny Halsey) visit the secret London headquarters of Prodigium, the shadowy group dedicated to studying monsters lead by Russel Crowe’s Dr. Henry Jekyll. The headquarters is full of relics and monster paraphernalia, including a severed hand of a Creature from the Black Lagoon in formaldehyde and a fanged vampire skull. The ‘99 Mummy doesn’t get a shoutout until a little bit later, when Jekyll loses control and turns into Mr. Hyde.

As Mr. Hyde wails on Nick, Jenny tries to gain entrance into the room to assist him. A Prodigium employee who has seen Jekyll transform before attempts to stop her. The two scuffle, but eventually Jenny grabs a heavy book and knocks him on the head. There’s a brief, brief shot of the book — and it’s familiar. It’s the Book of the Dead from the ‘99 Mummy, complete with a star-shaped lock.

Nice! Not only does the new MUMMY have THE MUMMY's Book of the Dead, but it's wielded by none other than my future baby's mother, Annabelle Wallis (see below)! Too cool if you ask this guy.

THE MUMMY hits theaters everywhere June 9th. But you can just stay home and re-watch THE MUMMY tonight! If you don't own THE MUMMY (1999), order it RIGHT HERE!

The kind of girl to make you wish you spoke a little French.

Extra Tidbit: The Mummy Returns is f*cking boring.
Source: Inverse



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