UPDATED! Stephen King's IT: Teaser trailer hits in 4 days?



Today IT director Andres Muschietti posted this to his Instagram!

Oh, dip.

Wow. It was just earlier today, only a few hours ago, that I brought you the high-res version of Pennywise's old creeper-ass sneaking out of the sewers and trying to grab a piece of some Georgie. Now I have news that we might be seeing the trailer, or teaser, or something major from the world of STEPHEN KING'S IT in the next few days!

Director Andres Muschietti took to his Instagram yesterday and posted the below image of a balloon (in this context, a frightening object) with the (equally frightening) number 6 smeared across it. 6? 6 what? Help me.

Now I don't know about you but it sure as hell seems that the man is counting down to something. Could it be that SXSW teaser I shared the description of a few days ago? Could be an all-new trailer? Or could it be something far, far more badass?

I'm an optimistic guy so I am betting on that SXSW trailer, with maybe a little something extra thrown in for all the peeps that saw it a SXSW. But who knows? I'll let you guys know when I know more and you'd better believe whenever that trailer finally hits, be it day or night of the godforsaken night, I will be here to share it with you guys.

UPDATE: Already, before I even had a chance to post this, I got an update that the film's producer (and the director's sister) Barbara Muschietti posted a cryptic Instagram photo herself (see below). The caption read, "What's 22 + 7?" Duh. That's 29. As in March 29th... which 6 days away...

STEPHEN KING'S IT: PART I moves out of the blue and into the black September 8th.

Extra Tidbit: I swear to God, if there is a balloon with a 5 on it tomorrow I'm going to sh*t.
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