Steve Alten's shark novel Meg is getting a comic book adaptation

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It took twenty years for a cinematic adaptation of author Steve Alten's 1997 shark thriller novel MEG to make its way through development hell, with a film based on Alten's story scheduled to finally reach theatres on August 10, 2018. But the movie (pictured above) isn't the only adaptation MEG will be getting this year.

In March, Dabel Brothers Publishing will be releasing the first issue of a comic book adaptation of MEG, and Alten has shared a look at the cover of issue #1 on his Facebook page. That cover can be seen below.

Alten's novel, which can be purchased on Amazon, has the following description:

Carcharodon megalodon, apex predator of all time, the most fearsome creature that ever lived. A 70-foot, 60,000 pound Great White Shark. Hundreds of 7-inch serrated teeth filled jaws that could swallow an elephant whole. It could sense its prey miles away, inhaling its scent as it registered the beat of its fluttering heart, and if you ever came close enough to see the monster... it was already too late. 

For Navy deep-sea submersible pilot Jonas Taylor, it nearly was too late. Years ago, on a top-secret dive seven miles down into the Mariana Trench, Jonas came face to face with an ancient monster everyone believed extinct. Having barely escaped with his life, Jonas must prove to the world that Meg still exists.When an opportunity to return to the trench presents itself, he takes it, intent on returning topside with a 7-inch tooth! But man's presence in this unexplored domain releases one of the sharks from its purgatory, and now Jonas is the only one who can stop it.

When I was a kid, I loved to collect comic book adaptations of books and movies, so I think it will be fun to see the story of MEG told in comic book form.

The film based on the novel is titled THE MEG. Directed by Jon Turteltaub from a screenplay by Dean Georgaris and James Vanderbilt, it stars Jason Statham, Ruby Rose, Cliff Curtis, Rainn Wilson, Li Bingbing, and Jessica McNamee.

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