StudioCanal to remake Don't Look Now

While we’re just a few weeks out from the remake of POLTERGEIST, THR is reporting of yet another horror classic that will be getting the ol’ remake treatment. The victim? 1973’s Nicolas Roeg-directed classic DON’T LOOK NOW, which will come to life thanks to StudioCanal with Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman of The Picture Company on board to produce the new iteration.

Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie starred in the original film, about…

…a couple grieving the death of their daughter. While in Venice, they meet two Catholic nuns, one of whom claims to be clairvoyant and is in contact with their daughter in the afterlife. The woman brings an ominous message from the afterlife, warning that their lives are in danger.

Right now there’s no writer attached and the producers are currently trying to find the project a studio home. More on this one as we get it, folks!

Extra Tidbit: What's a movie you hope never gets remade?
Source: THR



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