Take a look at Ash vs Evil Dead's necronomicon!

Groovy. The Ash vs Evil Dead goods are starting to roll in.

Hot on the heels of yesterday's superb reveal of Bruce Campbell as Ash, EW is now doling out first looks at another of the key ingredients in the EVIL DEAD universe. That is, the necronomicon!

The demonic book that has so plagued Ash these many years is back in the Starz TV series, and below you'll find it hasn't really changed much. In fact, that thing has aged just as well as ol Bruce himself!

Bruce had this to say about his put-upon character:

This is a guy who thought he could just quietly live a life of quiet desperation and—no. He brings it back upon himself and the world, and he of all people must save the world from his own doing. That’s classic Evil Dead. Ash is basically responsible for everything.” 

Keep your peepers peeled next week, as Starz will be unveiling much more AvED stuff at San Diego Comic-Con (and, I'm sure, the internet immediately after).



Source: EW



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