Teaser: Masters of horror join forces for anthology Nightmare Cinema

Nightmare CInema

One upcoming horror film I am extremely excited about is the anthology NIGHTMARE CINEMA, because it's like a feature revival of the television series Masters of Horror, a show which didn't last nearly enough seasons. Masters of Horror creator Mick Garris assembled four fellow genre directors for the project, the five of them each directing their own segment.

The directors who joined Garris on NIGHTMARE CINEMA are Joe Dante, Alejandro Brugués, Ryûhei Kitamura, and David Slade.

Starring Mickey Rourke as the host, he film has the following synopsis: 

A series of down-on-their-luck individuals enter the decrepit and spine-chilling Rialto theater, only to have their deepest and darkest fears brought to life on the silver screen by The Projectionist – a mysterious, ghostly figure who holds the nightmarish futures of all who attend his screenings. By the time our patrons realize the truth, escape is no longer an option. For once the ticket is torn, their fate is sealed at Nightmare Cinema.

NIGHTMARE CINEMA will be having its premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, which starts today and lasts until August 1st, and in anticipation of this event a teaser trailer has dropped online and can be seen below.

The teaser trailer doesn't give away a whole lot, but it's enough to further fuel my excitement.

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