Teaser released for Blumhouse's holiday horror series Into the Dark

Into the Dark

The upcoming HALLOWEEN sequel isn't the only Halloween-themed horror project coming to us from Blumhouse Productions next month. As we learned a few months ago, Blumhouse Television has teamed with the streaming service Hulu for a "year-round horror event" series called Into the Dark, which will consist of twelve feature-length episodes, each one premiering on Hulu on the first Friday of every month. Each of those monthly episodes will be based around a holiday that occurs during the month of its release, and with the first episode scheduled to premiere on October 5th, of course that one is going to be set on Halloween.

Directed by Paul Davis, that first episode is titled THE BODY and tells the following story: 

Set in the selfie culture of Los Angeles on Halloween night, The Body follows a sophisticated, overconfident hitman who always carries out his work in style. He decides to take things even further one day by transporting his latest victim in plain sight, correctly assuming that self-absorbed LA partiers will simply be enamored with his elaborate “costume.” Eventually, as his window of opportunity to dispose of the body begins to close, Wilkes’ true colors reveal themselves to some groupies that have latched on to him. It becomes a battle of will and wits.

THE BODY stars Tom Bateman, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Aurora Perrineau, David Hull, and Ray Santiago. 

With the premiere of Into the Dark now just a few weeks away, a teaser has arrived online to give us a glimpse of the creepy tales Blumhouse and Hulu are crafting for us. There are some weird sights to see in this teaser, which is embedded below.

We already know that the November episode is titled FLESH & BLOOD and was directed by Patrick Lussier. Starring Dermot Mulroney, Dana Silver, and Tembi Locke, it's about 

Henry, a doting father trying to help his daughter, Kimberly, a teenager suffering from agoraphobia, who has not left the house since her mother’s still-unsolved murder. Set on the eve of Thanksgiving a year after her mother’s death, Kimberly begins to suspect that she is in danger in the home, but she can’t leave and doesn’t know who she can trust.

The ten episodes beyond THE BODY and FLESH & BLOOD are still being kept under wraps, but I'm definitely going to be watching every one of these holiday horror features/episodes.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching Into the Dark?



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