Teens run up against a madman in found footage flick Stone Marker

Last year we heard about a toothy found footage flick called TAPE 407, from Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions. While that picture has still yet to receive a proper release, its creative team is already onto the next found footage project, a movie called STONE MARKER, which was just announced today via press release.

STONE MARKER follows the adventures of the Sherman brothers, two fifteen-year old fraternal twins who have discovered a strange stone marker in the woods. While attempting to uncover information about the mysterious object, the boys and four of their misfit friends discover it is linked to the disappearance of seven children over thirty years ago. As the pieces begin to fall into place, they find themselves at the mercy of a madman willing to do whatever is necessary to keep the past buried.

Dale Fabrigar ("Tape 407" and "Soul Fire Rising") and Tony Canonico ("Mulberry Park") are slated to direct, with Suzanne DeLaurentiis and Clay Sharman producing. The story was developed by Clay Sharman and the screenplay was written by Brian Herzlinger and Jay Black.

You can check out the official site HERE, although there's little to see there at the moment. Shooting will begin in mid-March.

TAPE 407 star Samantha Lester

Extra Tidbit: STONE MARKER sounds interesting; the found footage angle does not. Thoughts?
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