Thai horror sequel My Ex 2: Haunted Lover hits DVD in February

Y'all familiar with the 2010 Thai horror flick MY EX? Well that crazy bitch is back for more!

Said to be made in 2010 as well, MY EX 2: HAUNTED LOVER finally hits DVD here in the states on February 4, 2013. Piyapan Choopetch (NECROMANCER) directs the 83 minute feature.

Here's the setup:

A sexy young actress clinches a lead role in a major movie, but her career and life are jeopardized when her reprobate boyfriend causes the suicide of his mistress…

Parting from the clutches of her now ex, the young starlet escapes to an exotic island with her friends and sister for what she thinks will be a break from his incessant harassment.

But something far worse is now pursuing and lurking on her tail. A wrathful spirit is relentlessly determined for vengeance and resolute on destroying her life for good.

A young starlet? Exotic island? Wrathful spirit? Has all the makings of an entertaining horror joint, does it not? Of course, I've never even heard of MY EX, so I may be way off base.

Have you seen the original? If so, is the sequel worth waiting 3 damn years for?

Extra Tidbit: This is Choopetch's 4th feature.
Source: AITH



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