The CW buys sci-fi alien series "Oxygen" said to be in the same vein as District 9

Can the CW really deliver a DISTRICT 9 quality TV series?

They certainly plan to with "Oxygen," a new hardened sci-fi series the mini-network just bought from Space Floor TV’s Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec and Scott Rosenberg, as well as Olé’s Richard Shepard, Sean Furst and Bryan Furst. CBS studios will produce.

Authored by "The Good Wife's" Meredith Averill:

Oxygen follows a high school pilot program, the first attempt to integrate a group of humanoid aliens stranded on earth who until now have been living in forced segregation. The program is complicated by the prejudices and competing agendas on all sides, and could be saved or destroyed by a burgeoning romance between a human girl and alien boy.

We'll see if the drama is matched by the FX, a la D-9. I'm doubtful, mainly because the show is called "Oxygen" airing on the CW. But who knows, TV is getting better and better each day. Maybe this one will be worth tuning into on the reg.

Your thoughts?

DISTRICT 9's Nathalie Boltt

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Source: Deadline



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