The Legend of Zombie Road gets changed to The Uglies 3D, new writer added?

It appears yet another 3D horror flick is in the pipeline, although this one has the added ass-kickery of Mr. Kane Hodder (right) playing a ghost-zombie. The project is once known as THE LEGEND OF ZOMBIE ROAD 3D is now THE UGLIES 3D, a flick adapted from true events by the tri-headed pen of Joe Knetter, Ethan Terra and now John Thaddeus. Cool f*ckin' beans!

Directed by Terra and Howard Smith, THE UGLIES 3D revolves around:

The many Urban Legends surrounding Zombie Road and the area, ongoing for decades. The main legend is that the road is haunted by the ghost of a man, known only as Zombie, who in the 1960's escaped from a secret government testing facility for the criminally insane. Reports state that he would make his way nightly to a lovers lane look out bluff where he would stalk and kill party goers and return to the asylum before dawn. He was killed in the asylum after slaying approximately 22 people. The Legend of Zombie Road 3-D is centered around on the of the top ten most haunted places in America.

Sounds pretty f*ckin' rad to me. It's no secret we're all a huge Hodder fan around these parts, so to see the dude take center stage in a horror flick is always worth a watch. Factor in a kill-count of 22, in a story based on true events, with Hodder as a ghost called Zombie, and voila...gourmet horror recipe, yo!

Lorenzo Eduardo, Masiela Lusha, Leslie Easterbrook, Meagan Good (below), Betsy Rue, Eileen Dietz, Bill Allen is also cast in the film, which is currently in pre-production.

Keep it locked for more!

Extra Tidbit: Aside from Jason Voorhees, which Kane Hodder horror character is your favorite? Can't decide? Which Friday film do you think he does the best job in?
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