The Nightmare Before Christmas gets a comic book sequel

One of the best things about Halloween isn't just the opportunity to share our beloved genre with the masses who are willing to give it "one shot" at this time of year, but we also get to relive some of the classic flicks we watched as kids.

I'm talking about, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES, ERNEST SCARED STUPID (yeah, you read that right), HOCUS POCUS (yep, read that right again) and, of course, THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

If you're like me - and admit it you are - then you groove ever year to checking these flicks out again and again with a new generation of nieces and nephews. And the movie that tends to top that list - as far as the ones parents give the "okay" to first - is the classic NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS from Tim Burton and director Henry Selick.

Well, almost 25 years later the film is getting a sequel (of sorts) courtesy of Manga publisher Tokyopop. The company has secured a license for the first-ever comic book based on the film that will "expand the story beyond what was seen in Tim Burton's beloved 1993 holiday tale."

Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey synopsis: 

Jack Skellington's dog, Zero, as he gets lost in Christmas Town.

Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey is written by DJ Milky with art from Studio DICE. There is going to be more info dropped on the comic within the coming months so make sure to keep checking back here with us at AITH. Until then, you can check out the 1st issue's cover art below.

Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey is set to launch Spring 2018!

Extra Tidbit: You have no idea how many times I accidentally typed A Nightmare Before Elm Street
Source: THR



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