The Police guitarist Andy Summers joins Bhutan-set horror flick The Temple

Musicians have been known to star in horror films, at least since the pop culture obsessed 80's. The dearly departed David Bowie made a glam appearance in THE HUNGER, Gene Simmons starred in the 1986 slasher TRICK OR TREAT, and Satan only knows how many rappers have popped up in B-horror flicks. And hell, Lady Gaga just led an entire season of American Horror Story. But this casting notice still takes me aback.

Andy Summers, otherwise known as the guitarist from The Police, will be joining the cast of Scott Spiegel’s THE TEMPLE, which is set to be the first Western film shot in Bhutan. His character details have not been released, so we don't know how much he'll be featured in the final product, but that sure is an intriguing choice. I can't wait to see what he comes up with!

THE TEMPLE is about:

A tough policewoman who is sent to investigate the robbery of a temple near a remote village, where she is confronted by wary villagers and a snooping American TV crew.

The movie also stars Ian Buchanan (PANIC ROOM), Emrhys Cooper (Person of Interest), Keith Jefferson (DJANGO UNCHAINED), Charlotte Price (Wild in Blue), and Bhutanese actress Kinley Pelden. Principal photography begins on January 20th in Bhutan.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite musician turned actor?
Source: Variety



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