The Raid sequel is officially moving forward with director Gareth Evans and star Iko Uwais

This is pretty perfect timing, for me at least. Earlier today I saw THE RAID, and I'm pleased to report that it's as bloody awesome as everyone says it is. (I know it's known as THE RAID: REDEMPTION here in the U.S., but I refuse to call it that.) For once, the hype is accurate; it is such an assault on the senses that it's exhausting - in a good way. Cannot wait for the rest of the geek community to experience this ass-kicking movie.

The flick comes out domestically on MARCH 23rd, so the wait isn't too long. The wait for a sequel might not be long either. According to The Hollywood Reporter, production company XYZ Films and director Gareth Evans’ PT Merantu just agreed officially to develop a sequel. Impressive star of THE RAID, Iko Uwais, will also return. (Evans has in the past mentioned that THE RAID is the first in a proposed trilogy.)

Titled BERANDAL, the sequel will have a “significantly larger” budget than the original; I'm not sure what the budget of THE RAID was, but the flick is technically polished and superbly executed, so news that the scope is widening is very cool indeed. There aren't any plot details available, but the end of the first film definitely hints at the possibilities...

To read an interview with Evans about the development of BERANDAL (which he apparently conceived before THE RAID), head on over to THR. Take another gander at the official trailer for THE RAID below.

Extra Tidbit: No joke, y'all: See THE RAID if you can on MARCH 23rd. It needs to be experienced in the theater, hopefully with like-minded film enthusiasts.
Source: THR



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