The Russo Brothers team with Henry Selick for Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER and CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR directors Anthony and Joe Russo are extremely busy right now, having taken on the monumental task of directing two AVENGERS sequels back-to-back, but somehow the brothers are still finding time to develop other projects on the side.

One of those projects is a television adaptation of the video game Little Nightmares. Through their production company, which doesn't yet have a name (I told you these guys are busy), the Russos will be executive producing the TV series along with Dmitri M. Johnson and Stephan Bugaj of DJ2 Entertainment and Samuel Gatte of Bandai-Namco. Mike Larocca will serve as co-executive producer, with Dan Jevons as producer.

Of course, the Russos won't be able to direct the pilot, so they have handed that duty over to Henry Selick, who has previously brought us THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH, MONKEYBONE, and CORALINE. There's a chance Selick might direct more episodes beyond the pilot as well.

The game Little Nightmares centers on 

a 9-year-old girl named Six who finds herself trapped on the bottom of a terror-filled ship named the Maw. With hunger and the depths one goes to satiate that hunger as the themes, the storyline follows Six as she tries to escape from the ship while evading capture and death at the hands of characters named the Janitor, the Twin Chefs and the Lady.

I can't imagine you could build an entire series out of the idea of a little girl being chased around a ship by killers, so I would assume that this show will be digging deeper into the world of the game.

I had never heard of the game before this TV series announcement, but the involvement of the Russos and Selick is enough to get me interested in the show.

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