The Walking Dead: the first glimpses of Negan are here

This morning, fans of AMC's The Walking Dead were scrambling to view a trailer for the show released online by Fox Netherlands that gave the first look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan, an infamous villain from the comic book who will be making his television debut by the end of the current season.

The trailer was quickly removed, but screen caps of Negan have survived the purge. The character was only seen briefly in a shot from behind, and his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat Lucille also got some quick screen time. The trailer ended with Morgan saying, "Hi. I'm Negan."

The violent, foul-mouthed leader of the group called The Saviors has been being built up on the show for weeks, with our main characters having recently been sent on an unsuccessful mission to kill him. Many Saviors have been killed off by the group the show follows, and when Negan finally arrives on screen you can expect that he will be getting some vengeance.

There are just two episodes left of The Walking Dead's sixth season. If Negan doesn't reach the airwaves this Sunday, he definitely will in the following Sunday's season finale.

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited for Negan's arrival, or are you dreading it?
Source: TheWrap



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