Tom Atkins and Jamie Kennedy cast in Patrick Lussier's Trick

Drive Angry Patrick Lussier Tom Atkins

Director Patrick Lussier and screenwriter Todd Farmer have made two films together, MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D and DRIVE ANGRY, and both of those movies included genre icon Tom Atkins in the cast. (The picture above shows him firing a gun in DRIVE ANGRY.) When Lussier and Farmer were going to make a 3D follow-up to Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN and HALLOWEEN II, Atkins was going to be in that movie as well. Yes, the star of HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH was going to be in another HALLOWEEN 3. It sucks that didn't happen.

So it's not surprising, but still very good to hear, that Tom Atkins is going to be in the cast of the new Lussier and Farmer collaboration, TRICK.

TRICK is the story of 

an elusive serial killer who descends upon a small town annually and is responsible for gruesome murders year after year, each in different jurisdictions and seemingly unrelated. No one believes this could be the same killer, but Detective Mike Denver has faced Trick once before — he shot and killed him. Or so everyone keeps telling him.

Dermot Mulroney is signed on to play Detective Mike Denver, and he and Atkins will also be joined in the cast by SCREAM's Jamie Kennedy.

Lussier is directing from a script he wrote with Farmer. TRICK is being produced by Ellen S. Wander of Film Bridge International, Gabriela Lugo of Revek Entertainment, and Ita Kennedy of 21 Magi.

TRICK is expected to go into the production later this month, and we'll be keeping a close eye on it as it continues to come together. A seemingly supernatural slasher from Lussier and Farmer is a project that has my full attention.



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