Trailer arrives before Travis Zariwny's Intruder invades your screen

Intruder Travis Zariwny Louise Linton

A few weeks ago, we learned that IFC Midnight is planning a June 24th VOD and limited theatrical release for CABIN FEVER remake director Travis Zariwny's film INTRUDER... which I feel really should have used a different title. It may indeed be about an intruder, but there are already plenty of movies called INTRUDER or a variation of that word.

This particular INTRUDER tells the following story: 

A young woman’s quiet night in becomes a free-fall into fear in this disturbing home invasion thriller. After she lands her dream job, a young cellist settles in for a relaxing few days holed up in her apartment—but as a violent storm rages outside, she can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching her every move. 

Louise Linton, John Robinson, and Moby star.

INTRUDER was filmed back in 2013, and now that we're just over a week away from finally getting to see it a trailer has arrived online to give us an idea of what it has in store for viewers. Namely, a whole lot of stalking and voyeurism.

I'll be giving it a chance. How about you?

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the trailer?



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