Trailer: Coeds find horror during a stay at Crazy Lake

Crazy Lake Chris Leto Jason Henne

Indican Pictures has given a VOD release to the '80s slasher homage CRAZY LAKE, from directors Chris Leto and Jason Henne. The directors promise to deliver a "rip-roaring and bloody good time" with their film, which has the following synopsis: 

A vacation in a cabin by a lake for four twenty something couples turns into a nightmare when a secret government experiment goes awry.

Henne wrote the screenplay. The film's cast includes Skyler Joy, Marco DelVecchio, Diana Riley, Matt Valena, Libby Blanton, Graham Hunt, Keily Fernandez, Marvin Laviolette, Rob Mello, Allis Bodziak, Caulin Donaldson, Leyla Lawrence, and Ashley Allen.

The trailer for CRAZY LAKE can be seen below and offers a glimpse of a very familiar scenario. Some viewers may not want to watch yet another "cabin on the lake" slasher, but those who are looking for something that can recapture the feel of the good ol' days might have some fun with this one.

CRAZY LAKE can be rented or purchased on Amazon.

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