Trailer for West Of Memphis, Peter Jackson produced doc about West Memphis 3

Because it reminds me of one of my all time favorite documentaries - Errol Morris' THE THIN THE BLUE LINE - I feel impelled to share the trailer for WEST OF MEMPHIS with y'all. We've written about the Peter Jackson produced documentary before, which chronicles three men who were wrongfully accused for the murder of three 8-year-old boys and subsequently spent 18 years in prison. Take a look at the subject Amy Berg's film explores below!

"This film represents the trial these men didn't have. With the support of Damien [Echols] and Lorri [Davis], along with unprecedented access to those closest to the case, we were able to make a film that shows the inner workings of the defense -- the investigation, research, and appeals process, in a way that has never been shown before." - Amy Berg.

WEST OF MEMPHIS will screen at Sundance later this month.

Extra Tidbit: THE THIN BLUE LINE was so compelling it got a man off of death row. Yes, cinema can have THAT kind of power!
Source: AITH



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