Trailer introduces Baskin director Can Evrenol's Housewife

Housewife Can Evrenol Clementine Poidatz

A few years ago, director Can Evrenol took some police officers through the gates of Hell with his feature debut BASKIN. Now he's back to put a HOUSEWIFE through a hellish ordeal of her own.

RLJE Films will be giving HOUSEWIFE a VOD, Digital HD, and DVD release on October 2nd, and in anticipation of this release a trailer has arrived online to offer an unsettling glimpse at Evrenol's second feature.

Written by Evrenol and Cem Özüduru, the film has the following synopsis: 

On a snowy eve, Little Holly's sister and father are killed by her frantic mother. Years later, Holly is married, lonely, and her life is soon about take a turn for the ultra weird, when she visits "Umbrella of Love and Mind".

Clementine Poidatz and David Sakurai star.

Watching the trailer, the one thing that seems certain about HOUSEWIFE is that Evrenol brought the story to the screen with a great visual style. If nothing else, this should be a nice movie to look at.

Check out the trailer below and see if HOUSEWIFE is a movie you'd like to watch this Halloween season:

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