Trailer: Lou Ferrigno Jr. encounters a mythical creature in Muse

Muse John Burr Elle Evans

When the trailer for writer/director John Burr's fantasy horror film MUSE first caught my attention, I got really excited - because I overlooked the "Jr." at the end of star Lou Ferrigno Jr.'s name. For a moment, I thought Ferrigno's legendary father, the Incredible Hulk himself, would be taking on a mythical creature in this film. Then I realized that wasn't the case... but I'm willing to give MUSE a chance, even if it doesn't have Lou Ferrigno Sr. going "Hulk smash" on a monster.

MUSE tells the following story: 

Adam, a young struggling painter, has lost his inspiration to make new art. That is until he meets a mysterious and beautiful Muse — the Leannan Si — a mythical celtic creature who chooses a human lover to protect and seduce. When Adam gets in trouble with local thugs, his Muse murders them. How far will the Leannan Si go to protect her lover and can he live with her actions? Or will Adam try and stop her when she begins to go after those he loves?

Lou Ferrigno Jr.'s co-stars include Riley Egan, Elle Evans, and Kate Mansi.

MUSE has been making the festival rounds and racking up awards, with festival screenings in Chicago and Austin coming up soon. Check out the trailer below and see if it looks like a movie you would like to watch:

Extra Tidbit: How does MUSE look to you?



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