Trailer: Miike earns 100th directing credit with Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal Takashi Miike

Most filmmakers wouldn't even dare to dream of earning 100 separate directing credits over the course of their career, but that is exactly what Japanese director Takashi Miike has done. He did it quickly, too. Miike, who just turned 57 earlier this month, started his directing career in 1991, and over the last twenty-six years has taken the helm of 100 different movies and television shows.

Miike's 100th credit is on the manga adaptation BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL, which was released in Japan back in April. A red band trailer with English subtitles has now arrived online to give those of us who need some translation a glimpse of the samurai madness Miike has crafted with his latest film.

Starring Takuya Kimura and Hana Sugisaki, BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL tells the following story: 

Manji is a samurai who apparently cannot be killed by any injury. He crosses paths with Rin Asano, whose parents were killed by a group of master swordsmen, and promises to avenge their deaths.

Magnet Releasing will be bringing the film to the U.S. on November 3rd.

I've seen my fair share of Miike's films and honestly haven't enjoyed that many of them, simply because they're not the sort of movies I tend to watch. But even though AUDITION is the only Miike movie I would want to own a copy of, I respect his career and am in awe of how prolific he is.

Miike isn't stopping at 100, either. He has already directed two more films since completing BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL.

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