Troma wants you for Return to Class of Nuke'em High

Good news for all you Troma fans out there - there's a new flick in the works, directed by none other than the studio's head honcho Lloyd Kaufman. Even better, it's a revisiting of the 1986 fan-favorite CLASS OF NUKE'EM HIGH. Casting for RETURN TO CLASS OF NUKE'EM HIGH is already underway for a summer 2012 shoot and the creators are looking for some 'tromatic' talent.

Actors are currently being sought for the following lead roles:

Lauren (18) pretty, feminine, innocent - some nudity
Chrissy (18) attractive, not so innocent - some nudity
Mr. Warner (30+) evil head of meat processing factory
Eugene (18) cute, dorky - some nudity
Mrs. Westley (30+) high school principal
Brick (18) tough, tattoos/piercings - some nudity
Cretins - men & women with piercings, tattoos, crazy hairstyles or unique physical attributes

Great cameos will be available for unusual males and females of all types, ethnicities, and sizes, with unique physical attributes, exotic animals, collectible cars or motorcycles or other unusual vehicles.

Think you're up for it? If so, you can drop Troma a line and tell them why it's you they want.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone out there going to try their luck?



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