Underworld Awakening directors will take on Collected Swedish Cults

UNDERWORLD AWAKENING directors Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein have been chosen to directed COLLECTED SWEDISH CULTS, a film based on the novel of the same name by Anders Fager. Måns Mårlind is penning the script amd the flick is expected to be released in Swedish theatres at the end of 2013.

Fager's novel, published last year, is a collection of supernatural horror tales that link together to tell a larger story.

"Collected Swedish Cults has everything I love, but also demand as a film’s must-have ingredients; surprising stories with gripping and engaging characters, its own credible universe and a tone of its own," said Mårlind.

Here's a little more info about the Fager book(s): Collected Swedish Cults is a collection of short stories divided into three books, but it’s more than that. Anders Fager himself compares the form with that of a modern American TV-series, such as True Blood or Lost. Each short story, or episode, tells a story of its own as well as adds a piece to the puzzle of the whole. And just as the TV-series with each new season adds a new perspective, each of the three books of Collected Swedish Cults shows the Fager universe from a new angle. What first appears to be a traditional collection of short stories soon evolves into a web of tales building an epic saga of good versus evil in a world inhabited by the supernatural.

And here are the plots of the stories:

At Underryd Dance Hall in the woods outside of the boring midsized town of Borås there has been dancing and partying since the dawn of time. There, a group of teenage girls meet to party, but they seem to have more on the agenda than just drinking and flirting. When darkness falls they lure a young man out into the marsh behind the Dance Hall building, to meet with the Messenger, a creature who is as old and ugly as he is powerful. They have done it many times before and their mothers before them, but this time something goes terribly wrong.

Grandmother is going on a journey. Zami and Janoch, brothers from the immigrant suburb of Rosengård outside Malmö have been given a mission: They are going to cross Europe by car to pick up Grandmother in the Balkans and bring her back to the new country up north. But the brothers have never driven a car before; they have never even handled money and never spoken to anyone outside the family. And they keep to the shadows; people have a tendency to freak out when they get a look at Janoch …

Sounds damn intriguing! We'll keep you in the loop on this one; hopefully everything will come together soon.


Extra Tidbit: As far as I can tell, SWEDISH CULT TALES is not yet available in English.



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