Vanishing Waves releases a trippy official trailer

VANISHING WAVES (previously titled AURORA) has just released a NSFW official trailer and it's a doozy. The film has been getting a lot of buzz since going through its festival rounds and is now currently gearing up to be the first Lithuanian film to get a theatrical release in the States.

Lukas (Marius Jampolskis) is assisting a scientific research team by functioning as a patient in a series of heavily monitored (and medicated) sensory deprivation experiments wherein he is attempting to make some form of contact with the subject, Aurora (Jurga Jutaite), a young woman who has been locked in a comatose state for some time. Doctors initially hope for just a vague reaffirmation of consciousness, but the experiment takes an unexpected twist when Lukas and Aurora actually develop a strong psychic link in their mutually altered forms of consciousness…and their link quickly evolves into a romantic, sexually charged relationship. As Lukas hides this data from his researchers, he and Aurora meet secretly and passionately in a series of surreal dreamscapes created by their collective minds, but their union is tragically doomed to collapse around them. Exploring the tantalizing possibilities of forming a true, all-encompassing bond with one’s lover, Vanishing Waves is hypnotic, erotic, wholly engrossing, and wildly thought-provoking cinema that transcends any perceived limitations of the science fiction genre, becoming one of the year’s most provocative films in the process.

I really dig the heavy sci-fi vibe going on in the trailer as well as the wicked looking set design. The trailer is below and NSFW because there's a surprisingly large amount of nudity going on. The flick will be released by Artsploitation Films on June 18, 2013. Check it out!

Extra Tidbit: Was that a crazy trailer or what?
Source: AITH



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