Vera Farmiga on The Conjuring sequels and Bates Motel's second season

Vera Farmiga has quickly risen to be one of our favorite actresses in the biz today, thanks in no small part to her work on A&E's hit series "Bates Motel" and her wholly believable turn as Lorraine Warren in last years THE CONJURING. And while we've only got a few short weeks until the return of "Bates Motel" on March 3, we're still awaiting word on the possible sequel to THE CONJURING (although we know that we're getting a spinoff titled ANNABELLE). Now Farmiga has sat down with Capone at AintItCoolNews and given us some insight as to what to expect from "Bates Motel"'s second season as well as the potential follow-ups to THE CONJURING.

When asked about THE CONJURING, working with director James Wan and co-star Patrick Wilson, Farmiga had this to say:

As you know, I cherish my collaborations with Patrick [Wilson] and with James [Wan], and I really have an admiration for the woman that I play. I think it’s an important story; I’m not just making another horror flick,. I really think this is the go-to gal for over the last five decades that people have gone to for discernment on certain negative mysticism. It’s a crazy subject matter. It’s bigger than my brain can contemplate. So, I’m hoping to see CONJURING 2 sooner than later.

When asked if there is a chance that we’ll get to see the further adventures of Lorraine and Ed Warren, Farmiga shared:

I think so. There are so many more stories to tell, and obviously it was a vital thing for New Line, and it seems implausible to not go for number 2 and even number 3. But, I don't know anything concrete just yet. I think it’s being figured out right now. Because of course, we’d love to have James Wan at the helm, and he’s experienced a certain measure of…stress recently.

The 'stress' Farmiga speaks of is the loss of Wans FAST & FURIOUS 7 star Paul Walker, who Farmiga co-starred with in Wayne Kramer's excellent RUNNING SCARED.

As for what we can expect from season 2 of "Bates Motel", Farmiga shared...

Season 2 is going to be pretty splendid I think. I've never had the luxury of shooting a season 2 on a television show. I’ve done two before this, and I’ve never had the opportunity to do a 13-episode arc. So, it’s really cool what happens in Season 2, when you solidify your collaboration with the writers;they honor what your fortes are as an actor. You go deeper, even deeper because there’s a viable friendship that’s set up with your castmates, and there's a kind of trust and a way to push each others buttons. There’s just a bigger trust and a love that’s established, so it’s really cool and wacky what happens with Season 2.

Extra Tidbit: Would you like to see a sequel to THE CONJURING?
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