Very short Ash vs Evil Dead preview takes a look at a returning favorite

Look, I'll be up front: This isn't a trailer, or even a teaser. It's just a 2-second snippet from the forthcoming Ash Vs Evil Dead preview that will descend upon us this Friday during San Diego Comic-Con. Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, saw fit to brutally tease us with the clip via his Twitter page, and it gives us a peek at another returning EVIL DEAD character: Ash's 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88!

Where would Ash be without his trusty Olds? Well, probably in the same situations he's always in, but this vehicle is just as much of who Ash is as his chainsaw arm or notable chin. It's back, baby!

Premiering this fall on Starz, Ash Vs Evil Dead sees 

Campbell reprising his role as Ash, the stock boy, aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead. When a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind, Ash is finally forced to face his demons –personal and literal. Destiny, it turns out, has no plans to release the unlikely hero from its “Evil” grip.”

Keep your eyes peeled Friday for that trailer!



Extra Tidbit: The Olds even made a cameo in the EVIL DEAD remake!
Source: Twitter



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