VIDEO INTERVIEW: Adrian Brody, Splice!

Adrian Brody is one of those rare actors that seem to constantly choose interesting projects, whether they are likely to succeed or not. From THE BROTHERS BLOOM to KING KONG and of course, his Academy Award winning performance in THE PIANIST, he simply seems to choose roles that he wants to play. This summer you can see this award winning actor in two genre films, PREDATORS and SPLICE. The two are completely different characters, but possibly, equally entertaining.

With Splice, Adrian talked about working with director Vincenzo Natali and dealing with a messed up family unit. Not only is he a very nice individual, he also gave clear and intelligent answers. I was truly impressed with Mr. Brody, as he seems to be just an all around cool fellow. And of course, we talked a little bit about Predators which will hopefully kick some serious ass. But for now, check out Splice and see the bad choices his character makes this Friday at a theater near you.

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