Wahlberg gets Prisoners

Now here's a project that has seemed to light the interwebs on fire. Almost any media-related website out there seems to have some sort of update on this new film starring Mark Wahlberg. The project in question is PRISONERS and until today we've known nothing about it.

But today Variety along with many other outlets are letting the cat out of the bag. PRISONERS began as a spec script by Aaron Guzikowski and is shaping up to be something to take note of. You see, the film is a dark kidnap thriller that follows a Boston man who turns vigilante after his daughter and her best friend are kidnapped. Wahlberg has already signed up to play the lead role with Endeavor busily looking for a director. Not to mention the word that it's got many studios interested. Why Endeavor? Well the company reps both Wahlberg and Guzikowski.

Why is this such a big deal? Well apparently PRISONERS has been a hidden gem for a while now and is just now rearing it's beautiful head. The script is creating some major buzz already all around Hollywood-ville and is being compared to SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, SEVEN, and THE HAPPENING. I'm kidding about THE HAPPENING.. what happened Mark? But alas the rest is true. That's all fine and dandy... but I'm sure the recent success of TAKEN didn't hurt PRISONERS buzz.

Mark Wahlberg is awesome. THE HAPPENING aside, the man can do no wrong! Remember just a few years ago when he was robbed of an Oscar? Well maybe PRISONERS will get him that deserved statue. Alright... maybe I'm exaggerating a little... but I'm a big Wahlberg fan. His DEPARTED character was awesome. I remember yelling 'F*ck yeah!' at the screen after Wahlberg's last scene... so the idea of him playing another badass from Boston doing some messed up sh*t to some bad dudes... oh I'm definitely down. We'll be keeping a close eye on PRISONERS and updating you along the way. So the big question now... who's the right guy to get behind the camera for this one?

Wahlberg's MAX PAYNE co-star Mila Kunis!

Extra Tidbit: Did you know Mark Wahlberg talks to animals?
Source: Variety



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