Warner Bros. tap Dwayne Johnson for adaptation of graphic novel Lore

The last we heard of Mad Chance and Circle of Confusion's upcoming adaptation of graphic novel LORE came way back in August... of 2010! That's well over a year ago folks. Guess it's taking this one a long time to get rolling huh? Well finally some news today broke over at The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog that will have this thing heading our way in no time!

You see according to the blog Warner Bros. just snatched this shite up and have already tapped Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to star. Apparently Warner Bros. won a bid for LORE, which became pretty heated after Johnson (above) became attached. Now no director is on board yet but we do know that Cory Goodman and Jeremy Lott penned the script based on the graphic novel by Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise. Described as 'MEN IN BLACK with mythological creatures,' LORE's rundown reads:

LORE is said to be the story of a young man who reluctantly becomes a member of an elite secret order charged with protecting humanity from the beasts of folklore who invade our world.

Sounds good to me! Can you guys see Dwayne Johnson in on this one? I definitely can!

We'll of course keep our eyes open for more LORE updates as they come our way, which should hopefully be sooner rather than later. As soon as we come across more news for LORE you can be sure we'll be right here to tell you about it.

Extra Tidbit: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson recently defeated John Cena at WWE's Wrestlemania 28.
Source: Heat Vision



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