Watch the Close Calls trailer, but don't answer the phone

Close Calls Richard Stringham Jordan Phipps

Last month I shared a trailer for writer/director Richard Stringham's feature directorial debut CLOSE CALLS, a film that stars Jordan Phipps as

Morgan MacKenzie, a troubled, paranoid teen who is forced to deal with her crazy grandma and a psychotic stalker when her father leaves her home alone. Before the night is over, Morgan must also face her own fears and inner demons when she believes everyone she knows is plotting against her.

It was a very simple teaser, focusing mostly on Morgan getting some pizza while hanging out in her underwear. Then the phone rang, and some creepy, colorful, Italian horror-style shots started to appear...

Another trailer has now arrived online to give us a further glimpse at CLOSE CALLS, one that features shots from more scenes than that first teaser did while still keeping the film's secrets well under wraps. My favorite thing about this new trailer is the voiceover, which helps create an old school horror vibe.

Along with the trailer and a handful of stills, we have also received an exclusive quote from Stringham about the film and what he is trying to achieve with it:

It has been my goal from the start to ensure that "Close Calls" would be the kind of film that horror fans have never quite experienced before. I'm excited to say it will be an amalgam of several influences, but it will also perhaps be something fresh and cerebral for its respective audience. The film is basically psychological horror mixed with a bit of slasher suspense, psychedelic terror, and a hint of supernatural undertones."

Phipps' co-stars include Janis Duley, Joseph Melero, Kristof Waltermire, Star McCann, Carmen Patterson, Greg Fallon, and Alix Kruntorad.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the trailer and stills?
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