Watch this insane clip from Rigor Mortis, plus new trailer and acquisition news

We've been following the progress of RIGOR MORTIS for a while now; the Hong Kong action-horror flick from producer Takashi Shimizu (THE GRUDGE) and director Juno Mak has been making the festival rounds and earning strong word of mouth thanks to its wild combination of vampire movie and J-horror ghost story. The film gave us an idea of how nutty it would be when we peeped the first trailer for it back in June; it immediately became one of this site's "must see" projects.

But now we've got further evidence of RIGOR MORTIS' insanity: a new trailer, plus a long clip - both of which you'll find below. I don't know what in the hell is going on in that clip, but it's damned entertaining, not to mention visually stunning.

RIGOR MORTIS revolves around Chin Siu-ho, playing himself as a down and out actor/vampire hunter who moves into a rundown public housing flat only to discover that his apartment is haunted and he is not alone.

We previously reported that US rights to the film had been secured by Well Go USA, but here are a few other territories RIGOR MORTIS will be appearing in: Japan (Shochiku Films), Mexico (Distribucion de Peliculas Zatmeni), India (Viswas Films) and the Philippines (Solar Films). Obviously, it's a hot item.

RIGOR MORTIS has already opened to much success in China and Taiwan. It will open in Singapore, the Philippines and other Asian markets later this month.

Full trailer


Source: THR



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