We have three official stills from Varsity Blood!

VARSITY BLOOD is now in post-production and the film looks pretty good so far. Today, director Jake Helgren, gave us the first three official images from the film. In the stills we can see someone making a bloody discovery in the school basketball hoop and the varsity team celebrating Halloween night in the South with a pasture party campfire. Do you want to see the photos? Take a look below!

The plot for the upcoming feature film sounds like this:

"A pack of small town jocks and cheerleaders with a dark secret head out to a remote farmhouse for a raucous Halloween pasture party, only to find themselves up for slaughter by someone dressed as their high school mascot, an Indian warrior wielding a lethal fighting ax and a bow and arrow"

Lexi Giovagnoli (BLOODY HOMECOMING), Debbie Rochon (AMERICAN NIGHTMARE), Wesley Scott, Elyse Bigler, Kiarra Hogan, Blair Jackson, Melody Herron, Payton Wood and Elle LaMont (MACHETE KILLS) all star in the flick.

Hopefully, the movie will see the light of day this year.

Extra Tidbit: Elyse Bigler (above) will be really happy if you support VARSITY BLOOD
Source: IMDB



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