Lock 8 strangers in a haunted mental asylum & you get The Lucifer Effect!

I stumbled across a project today that I was initially going to pass on telling you all about. At first glance the thing just seemed... bland and forgettable. But as the trailer played on I found myself thinking this could actually be pretty awesome... I'm talking about THE LUCIFER EFFECT.

What is THE LUCIFER EFFECT? Check it from the flick's press release:

he film studies the social condition known as "The Lucifer Effect," a psychological consequence that is said to occur when "good" people are given power over others in an evil place. The experiment was first conducted in the 1970’s during the infamous Stanford Prison experiment, and now the film's producers have recreated a modern-day equivalent in an abandoned mental asylum.

Reports of a curse originally surfaced due to the fact that the film features disturbing events that occurred when the participants in the film were taking part in a Ouija board session during their brief stay in the asylum. Unlike other films that it has been compared to, such as The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity, the footage and events in The Lucifer Project are actually real, there was no script and the reactions of the participants are genuine, including the unfortunate assault. As a result the police in Lincolnshire, England, seized the footage and the film was put on hold, creating media attention with coverage in the British press.

Adding to the notion that the film may be heading into unsettling territory, it also uses subliminal imagery and has a secret secondary storyline interwoven in hidden frames beneath the main storyline, which has only fueled the rumors that something very odd is going on.

The film centers around eight people who volunteered for a role in a movie, only to be locked inside a reportedly haunted mental asylum for three days and nights, with no communication from the outside world and little food to eat.

The kicker with this thing is that since the filming of the flick two members of the cast have reportedly been hospitalized, with others receiving counseling for any possible after-effects. Not only that, but apparently the film's original director has since gone missing! WTF? Plus rumors have it one of the actresses has been sectioned in South America. Seriously... come on now.

If that's not enough the producers of THE LUCIFER EFFECT decided to add a webcam feature to sites showing the trailer so whenever someone was watching it their webcam would automatically turn on and start recording. Apparently in some instances there have been several strange occurrences... some of which will find their way into the final cut of the film.

For more info you can hit up THE LUCIFER EFFECT's official website. Otherwise I've tossed up a few stills from the flick as well as the trailer, which can also be found in our videos section.

We'll keep a lookout for more on THE LUCIFER EFFECT, which stars Emrhys Cooper, Mohammed Al Turki, Natalia Celino, Hofit Golan (below), Liziane Villamil, Anouska O'Hara, Ryan Lutz and Jack Walther. As soon as more news on this little diddy spills our way we'll pass that shite right along to all of you.

THE LUCIFER EFFECT (2012) - Trailer

Extra Tidbit: THE LUCIFER EFFECT was previously titled THE HARROWING.



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